Council to end parking free-for-all - Leederville WA

The City of Vincent will target drivers parking in residential streets in a bid to ease the parking squeeze in inner-city suburbs such as Highgate and Leederville. It will employ two extra inspectors from July to police areas used by people looking for free parking close to central areas.The new inspectors would focus on parking restrictions that were already in place but had been rarely policed because of a lack of staff. Ms MacTiernan said it was a fine balance between supporting local businesses and maintaining amenities for residents. "We don't want these areas to become carparks but we also don't want to scare people away from coming to the city," she said.
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PARKING in Sydney is so expensive that it is cheaper to cop an $86 fine than cough up for a few hours in a carpark.

It now costs up to $89 to park for more than three hours.

A NSW Government parking tax is being blamed for making city parking a luxury that even cashed-up tourists can't afford. There are now no free carparks in the CBD, with global parking surveys naming Sydney as the fourth most expensive place to park in the world, costing up to $35 an hour or $142 a day.

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City parking fees set to jump (Gold Coast)

PARKING costs are set to jump across the Gold Coast by as much as 68 per cent in a move which has has been described as 'over the top' by one councillor.

Burleigh Heads and Bundall will be hardest hit with council officers proposing rises from 60 cent to $1 an hour.

Under the plan parking in Surfers Paradise will rise from $1.90 to $2.10 an hour, while most metered parking in Southport will go up from $1.30 to $1.50.

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Protest threat over motorcycle parks (New Zealand)

A bikers' lobby group is promising commuter chaos during the Rugby World Cup if Wellington City Council refuses to back down on measures that could lead to the end of free on-street motorcycle parking. Pre-emptive disruptions could start as soon as Thursday when 100 bikers have threatened to descend on a council committee meeting to pressure councillors into ditching the proposals.

The council wants to open up the city's 3500 pay-and-display parks to motorcycles to go with about 600 free motorbike parking spaces in designated on-street areas. The proposal is currently open for public consultation.

The Wellington president of the Bikers' Rights Organisation of New Zealand, Brent Hutchison, has over the past nine months been involved in negotiations with the council over new motorcycle parking rules. 'I said at the time that they [council] are going to give to us on one hand and then find a strategy to take away all our free parking.

''If they allow us to use pay and display parks then it proves to them that we are willing to pay for kerbside parking. We don't give a crap if we never use a pay-and-display park.''

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Private car park 'fine' notices may be unlawful

TENS of thousands of motorists have been issued with potentially unlawful parking ''fines'' by private operators of car parks at shopping centres and other locations across Melbourne.

If the requests for penalty payments resemble official fines, then they contravene new Fair Trading Act legislation.

These demands for payment, usually issued when customers have overstayed their allotted time or have failed to display a valid parking ticket - even where parking is free - generally cost $88, but this rises to $300 if the bill is not paid within a certain time.

Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Consumer Action Law Centre are urging customers who have received such notices since the law came into effect on January 1 to challenge them if they look like official local government fines.

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Motorists pay more for short term parking in Brisbane’s CBD than in any other capital city in Australia except Sydney, Queensland’s peak motoring body has found.  RACQ today released the findings of a study it commissioned into the cost of car parking in Australia’s capital cities, revealing that in 2010 Brisbane motorists paid three times as much for both short and long term parking than they did in 2001.

For short term CBD parking in 2010, Brisbane motorists paid an average of $21.70 for one hour, just $4.13 less than Sydney residents who paid an average of $25.83, and $5.72 more than Melbourne motorists who paid $15.98.

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Parking Rates Show Surprising Resilience - Around the Globe

A report released by Ross J Moor, Executive Vice President Market and Economic Research, for Colliers International showed the results of the Global CBD Parking Rate Survey.

Of the Top 50 Citys, 3 of these Citys are here in Australia: Sydney, Brisbane and Perth..

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City Workers Endure Parking Woes (Perth)

City workers say parking in the central Business district ia an expensive joke – and that is if you can find a parking space. James Bridge, of Mt Lawley, said that to start work at 9.30am he had to be in the city by 9am to find a parking spot close to his office. “When I have to leave my office in the middle of the day, getting a park when I return is the most stressful part of my day” he said. Mr Bridge said Perth parking was “unbelievably expensive”

Karrinyup resident Chris Watson said “sometimes parking in the city is like finding a needle in a haystack” “Its hectic, horrible and time wasting”

City of Perth Chief executive Frank Edwards said the reliance on cars would have to change to avoid a city landscape “dominated by ever increasing numbers of carparks”

City of perth figures across 10 carparks show motorists are paying an average $11 for a casual stay of 4.3 hours. Wilson parking charges between $6 & $11 an hour.


Is the Lord Mayor's new parking charge a 'money grab'? (Melbourne)

The Melbourne Urbanist, reports that the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, has brought himself into a heap of trouble Council's decision to impose a flat $4 charge for parking in the CBD from 7:30 pm to midnight.

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$80m for Car Parking (WA)

Linda Cann, writing for the Sunday Times tells how motorists parking in the city and surrounding suburbs forked out nearly $80 million to local government coffers last financial year.

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Thousands of Motorists challenge parking Violations (Brisbane)

The Brisbane Courier writes of thousands of motorists challenging parking violations, as Brisbane Council rake in almost $1.8million a month in fines.

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Woman Owes more than $30k in parking fines (Victoria)

Channel 9 news reports on a Victorian Woman, who owes the Geelong Council more than $30,000 after she ignored 152 parking fines.

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