Park Owners

What will this service cost me?

It is free for you to list your space. Once a booking has been confirmed Park Hire collects your required fee and deposits the funds less the Park Hire listing fee (currently 10%) into your nominated account. So we don’t make any money unless you do.

What are the insurance implications of renting out my space?

This depends on your insurance policy and the company providing the insurance. Park Hire suggests that you contact your insurer to confirm that you are happy that your policy covers your needs.

Do I have to have a space available at all times? 

No, you can offer the following options:

  • 24/7
  • Business hours
  • ½ day
  • 1 full day
  • After hours 7 days a week

Dates available are entered by you in your Park Hire account calendar.

How much can I earn from my space?

This will depend on the location of your space. When working out your fee consider the demand for parking in the area and what other parking services are charging. We suggest you pitch your fee slightly under the going rate to be competitive, however if you are in the CBD or close to sporting venues or major transport links you may be able to charge the market rate Some spaces can earn up to $60 per week plus $15-$20 for sporting events. (You can always change the rate at any time in your Park Hire account and the new fee will apply to the next booking).

Can I rent out my Parking Space?

Anyone with a drive, garage or land that isn’t used at the time can list the space, however you must be at least 18 years of age and own the land in your listing or have the “required legal authority” and capacity to make such arrangements.

Can I list a resident parking permit on Park Hire?

No – as you do not have legal authority over the land, it is not yours to assign as it is generally local authority land.

How do I receive payments from Park Hire?

Once the park seeker has paid for the booking your Park Hire account is credited with the funds (less the Park Hire listing fee). You can request payment into your nominated account once your balance is over $100. You can draw down to $0 but a minimum transaction amount of $100 applies. This limit is set to eliminate expensive small transactions and allows us to keep our fees down. You can draw down to $0 if you close your account

Do I have to pay tax on my parking fees?

Park Hire suggests you talk to your tax agent or accountant about your individual circumstances.

How do I change my details?

Simply log into your account to update your contact details or information about your space.

My space is no longer available.

Simply update the calendar in your account, however you will have to honour your current confirmed bookings.

Can I charge a bond?

Yes if you would feel comfortable with this. If you would like to charge a bond simply note this on your space registration page. When a seeker books  your space they will be given your email address only to enable them to make contact to pay the bond direct to you as park Hire is not a “letting agent” we do not collect or manage bonds.

My space requires an access device how will the seeker obtain this?

When the booking is made the seeker will be provided with your email address to enable you to coordinate provision of the swipe card / remote device.

Do I have to meet the person using my space?

Not if you don’t want to. If you don’t require a bond or need to provide an access device then there is no need to meet. The whole process can be transacted through the Park Hire site. You simply enjoy the extra cash flow.

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